Com Samsung Android mdx Quickboard? How to Disable it

Did appear on your device? And you want to know the meaning or usefulness of it on your Samsung device? This article will cover all that you might want to know about it. As you can see above, this article’s title is “What is Com Samsung Android mdx Quickboard”.

We will show you what it is, and what it’s used for, and also we will let you know if it’s dangerous for your phone. So let’s dive in!

There are various built-in apps in almost all Samsung mobile phones, and the apps come with different features. Most of the apps usually have an additional prefix which is

This means that “Com Samsung Android mdx Quickboard” is not the only app that has the prefix. There are many apps that have it as well. One of the apps is and it works with Bixby virtual assistant.

However, in this article, we will only focus on You can click here to know more about Now, let’s quickly look at today’s topic definition.

Com Samsung Android mdx Quickboard? How to Disable it

What is Com Samsung Android mdx Quickboard

Com Samsung Android mdx Quickboard is a media and device package name that is available on Samsung phones. The main function of the app is that it is used to connect with other devices such as TV.

If you have ever tried to run the app file of the package, you will observe that it does not work. This is because the file is not programmed to be run on your smartphone, you can only see it when you connect your mobile to a TV, and it can also pop up if you connect your smartphone to a computer.

You might want to know the full form of com and mxd? Com stands for “commercial”, and it is available globally while the MDX stands for “Multi-Dimensional eXpression”. The MDX is used to access information in the database.

Now, let’s talk about what it’s used for:

What is Com Samsung Android mdx Quickboard Used for?

As we promised above, we let you know that we will mention its usefulness. Now here it is:

Com Samsung Android mdx Quickboard is used to connect to other wireless connections such as Bluetooth. Its uses are many and they include accessing information about other Networks, finding and connecting to other Bluetooth, controlling TV and wearables, and opening Network sockets for other apps.

However, you can remove or uninstall the app from your phone if you want to. We will also show how to do that in this article. Even though it is not advisable to remove or uninstall the app since it has a lot of useful features on your phone. You should consider the usefulness of the app before removing it.

But have it in mind that when you remove the app from your phone, you won’t be able to read and receive status from other devices like TV and wearable. And this is because the app is responsible for showing you the status.

What Problems Can MDX Quickboard Cause?

Most people have lamented that the app slowed down their phone and that it become bloated. The app contains various features and content which when running in the background of a phone, will require a lot of CPU and battery power. And that will make your phone slow down.

Is Dangerous to your Phone?

According to research, the app is not dangerous to your phone. It is just a built-in app that is automatically available on almost all Samsung mobiles. So you need not worry too about it, even though you can still remove or uninstall it.

However, we can not tell if your phone will misbehave if you remove the app or not, but it should not. Since it is just an app with limited features, the feature is to connect to other devices such as TV. But we suggest that you should uninstall instead of totally removing it so that if your device misbehaves, you will be able to install it back.

How to Disable Com Samsung Android mdx Quickboard from Samsung Phone

You are left with two different with which you can use to disable from your phone. The first option is to use Android Debug Bridge (ADB), and you will need your computer to do that. The second option is to use the disable option available on the phone to disable the app functionality.

When you used the disable option, you can easily enable the app again if there is any error after disabling it or if you feel like enabling it. Check out how to use the disable option to disable it below.

How to Use “Disable” Option to Disable

  • Disabling the app is just like disabling any app ease. All you need is to go to your Setting app. Follow this to disable it:
  • Open your Setting app
  • Find and tap “Apps
  • Scroll and tap “Digital virtual assistant package
  • Then Click “Disable

Then you have disabled the app. You can enable the app later if occur any error after you disabled it by going to your Setting > Apps > Digital virtual assistant package, and then, click Enable.


Com Samsung Android mdx Quickboard does not have a special function that you might need on your phone. The app is mainly useful for large businesses. Note that you can continue using the app if wish, just that it might slow down your device, which may be annoying. You can disable the app by going to your Setting app as we have mentioned above.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions related to this article, kindly use the advantage of the comment section below.

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